The Session

The Session of Westminster Presbyterian Church consists of the pastor and the elders in active service. All members of the session, including the pastor, are entitled to vote. The Session is responsible for the mission and government of the particular church. It therefore has the responsibility and power:
  1. to provide opportunities for evangelism
  2. to receive members into the church
  3. to lead the congregation in participation in the mission of the whole
  4. to provide for the worship of the people of God
  5. to provide for the growth of its members
  6. to develop and supervise the church school and the educational program of the church
  7. to lead the congregation in ministries of personal and social healing and reconciliation
  8. to challenge the people of God with the privilege of responsible Christian stewardship of money and time and talents
  9. to establish the annual budget
  10. to lead the congregation continually to discover what God is doing in the world and to plan for change, renewal, and reformation under the Word of God
  11. to engage in a process for education and mutual growth of the members of the session
  12. to instruct, examine, ordain, install, and welcome into common ministry elders on their election by the congregation and to inquire into their faithfulness in fulfilling their responsibilities
  13. to provide for the administration of the program of the church, including employment of nonordained staff Best Fish to Gril
  14. to provide for the management of the property of the church
  15. to maintain regular and continuing relationship to the higher governing bodies of the church
Westminster Presbyterian has 9 active elder positions divided into three "year classes.” Three are elected each year to replace three whose term has expired. Once ordained, one is always an elder – either active or inactive. The session has authority over all organizations within the local church.
2015-2017 Session
Class of 2015 Class of 2016 Class of 2017
Shadreck Chitsonga
Bob Lockwood
Phillip Oakley
Nancy Miles
Dudley Wilson
Linda Sablan
Melissa Odom
Beverly Cartwright


Clerk of the Session - Dudley Wilson

Session Committee Membership

Christian Education

The general objective of the Christian Education Committee is to oversee the education of the church body in the fundamentals of worship, prayer, and Bible study.

The CE committee holds the major responsibility for the following areas:

  • Sunday School

  • Vacation Bible School

  • Children and Youth Activities

  • Adult Education

  • Church Library

  • Acolyte Training

Evangelism and Nurture

The general objective of the Evangelism and Nurture Committee (E&N) is to oversee the pastoral and evangelical ministry of the church body, promoting the good news of Jesus Christ and providing for the spiritual development of believers.

The E&N committee holds major responsibility for the following areas:

  • New member recruitment and assimilation

  • Church Night Suppers

  • Parents Nights Out

  • Ladies Eating Out (L.E.O.)

  • Each One Praying for Another

  • The Prayer Chain

  • Special luncheons and suppers

  • Christmas Smorgasbord

  • Support for baptisms, weddings, and funerals

Church Property

The general objective of the Property Committee is to oversee, maintain, and improve the building and grounds of Westminster Presbyterian Church.

The Property committee holds major responsibility for the following areas:

  • Supervision of the Church Sexton

  • Building security

  • Building maintenance

  • Building environment (heating and air)

  • Master inventory of church property

  • Bi-annual church work days (spring and fall)

  • Grounds maintenance

  • Parking lot maintenance

  • General church storage

Mission and Stewardship

The general objective of the Mission and Stewardship (M&S) is to oversee the financial stewardship of the congregation while providing additional mission and outreach opportunities for the members and friends of the church.

The M&S committee holds major responsibility for the following areas:

  • The annual Stewardship campaign

  • All regular and special financial offerings

  • Any congregational endowments

  • The church treasury

  • The monthly financial report

  • Church mission and outreach projects

  • Interpretation of denominational budgets


The general objective of the Worship Committee is to humbly, under the mighty hand of God, take oversight of the worship services of Westminster in order to feed the flock of God.

The Worship committee holds major responsibility for the following areas:

  • Sunday Morning Worship

  • All special worship services

  • Guest pastors

  • Celebration of the Sacraments

  • Worship volunteers

  • Church music program

  • All fine and performing arts

  • Sanctuary decor

  • Worship supplies

  • Flower calendar

Administration and Planning

The general objective of the Administration and Planning Committee (A&P) is to oversee the administration of the congregation's ministries, providing coordination, planning, and support to the members and groups of the church as we work together to fulfill the Great Commission (Matthew 28: 19, 20).

The A&P Committee holds major responsibility for the following areas:

  • Personnel

  • Volunteer recruitment and training

  • Church calendars and scheduling

  • Marketing and advertising

  • Church manual

  • Short-range planning

  • Building usage policies

Interchurch Liaison